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November 22, 2015

Solar PV (Photovoltic) by Igen Energy

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by: Igen Energy

This is the age of making a strong decision in favour of human being and environment , Now we have to be serious about a new and powerful energy source .With climate change global warming at the forefront of the agenda, there has been much discussion and research into finding an alternative to traditional sources of energy. Finally we find out one of the best option Sun Energy (Solar PV). Solar electricity systems capture the sun’s energy using photovoltaic (PV) cells. The cells convert the sunlight into electricity, which can be used to run household appliances and lighting.

Solar PV offers a number of advantages over other sources of renewable energy. Its impacts include: the effect of emissions on human health and welfare, agricultural productivity, and infrastructure; the security costs of ensuring a reliable oil supply and a safe nuclear resource; and the potential costs of adjusting to global climate change. Following are the basic reasons why investing in solar PV for your home and Industries benefits both you for financial and the environment.

1. No harmful emissions or greenhouse gases. Solar power is a clean, renewable and sustainable source of energy.

2. solar PVtechnology is low maintenance, durable and completely noiseless. Unlike wind turbines there are no moving parts to break and no noise pollution. Once installed, PV panels require very little maintenance, and are incredibly durable.

3. The sun is an unlimited, free source of energy that is available worldwide. PV panels only require daylight, not direct sunlight to produce electricity. This means that they are not just effective in the summer months, but all year round, even on the cloudy days.

4. Free electricity during the day. When your PV system is generating electricity during the day, you will not have to buy electricity from your supplier. Therefore running appliances during the day will help you save hundreds of pounds off your electricity bill.

5. solar PV technology is versatile. Depending on your preference, you can choose between having PV panels installed onto your existing roof, or integrating the technology into the building materials themselves with solar tiles or slates.

6. Solar PV is a good investment. With the introduction of the Feed-In Tariff, homeowners are now paid for every unit of electricity they generate from their PV panels, even if they use it themselves. solar PV not only offers the highest payments, but also the longest payment period.

7. Protect yourself from rising energy prices. The cost of traditional energy sources is rising and is likely to continue to do so. By installing a solar PV system on your home you will have your own source of free electricity and therefore depend less on electricity suppliers to power your home.

8. A solar PV system could increase the value of your home. As it is a source of free electricity and income thanks to the Feed-In Tariffs, a solar PV system is likely to make your home more attractive to potential buyers.

9. Easy, hassle-free installation. Once a site survey has been completed for your home to ensure it is suitable, the installation process is very simple.

10.No maintenance, with a long functional lifetime of 30+ years. PV solar installed in the 1960’s is still working.

11.Silent in operation.

12.No planning permission needed.

13.Works all year round.
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