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January 7, 2013

New Energy And Climate Change Secretary Huhne Does U Turn On …

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by: Samantha McCoy

At his first interview as Energy and Climate Change Secretary Chris Huhne has qualified his opposition to nuclear power – admitting that he might allow new British nuclear reactors if energy companies can demonstrate that they will be built without public subsidy.

A few days ago Huhne was an MP in a small political party. Today as a Cabinet Minister, speaking on the Today Programme, he said the coalition had agreed to a series of compromises that were “obviously unpleasant” to both parties, including an agreement that MPs from his Liberal Democratic Party would not oppose parliamentary votes to move forward on plans for new nuclear power stations.

This is quite a turnaround for the Liberal Democrats who opposed any plans for new nuclear power stations period, arguing that they would prove too costly and would drain investment away from renewable energy. Such is the price of coalition politics.

Just4theplanet does welcome Mr Huhne statement that he was fully committed to delivering a drastic increase in renewable energy capacity.

“The most scandalous legacy, frankly, of the last 13 years is that we are sitting on the island part of Europe that has the most potential for wind power, for tidal power, for wave power ……yet we have one of the worst records of any country in the European Union for generating electricity from renewable. We have to get renewable way up”.

Mr Huhne also argued that we need big improvements in energy efficiency, adding that this, combined with renewables would improve national security by reducing reliance on fossil fuel imports.
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