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June 6, 2015

Nature Calls for Your Help by John Brooks –

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by: John Brooks

All the countries have been thinking of solutions to achieve the safe and healthy living than can e experienced by anybody. One of the solutions they agreed with is total remediation that any community can do and all the citizens can have the abilities to help. Beautiful spots like beaches, falls, mountains, cave needs your care and help to have a wonderful place to explore. Everyone lives with the help of the food, water and other things the nature provides to each and every one of us. Both the humans and the nature need each other that we ought to take good care of our environment. Even the wildlife needs their homes and the food and water our nature provides is badly needed to live.

Reaching the top of a high mountain is great yet looking for the bald mountains is a worst scenario. Mountains give us everything we need especially food, water, shelter and wood. Many wildlife is also present in the area so as illegal doing brings high mortality rate of people doing it. This doings cause flash floods which can sometimes destroy a whole village.

Illegal logging made the former green mountain into a bald one which does not have even a seedling of trees. Not only people get affected but also the wildlife such as birds and other animal as their habitat is destroyed. Birds do not have plenty of food for themselves as they migrate from one place to another because of the climate change. Because of this the most important thing we should do is plant new seedlings as an exchange to the old trees cut into pieces. What we should be after now is the environmental remediation that our nature needs to rehabilitate.

As to the bodies of water, garbage and pollution have always been a problem in each area as it can harm children and even the old ones. The problem gets worst as years gone by and more people have been witnessing the water filled with garbage which is black in color. This situation is not good as it can affect the largest part of the planet. This situation has always needed the help for environmental cleanup to prevent worst scenarios to happen.

Other than those practices, people should also practice to plant vegetables and fruits without using any chemicals on the plant. This fruits and vegetables are called as organic ones that all of us needs now to prevent illnesses and maintain a healthy body. Safe potable water is also needed for everybody to have a healthy living and help prevent any illnesses to happen.
John Brooks is a nature lover who likes to share new stuffs about the nature and how to have the and help in the projects.

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